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Page Wellness Center Services:



Chiropractic focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
By freeing up joint restriction and fascial adhesions, chiropractic optimizes the body to perform and function greater. The freeing of these systems has a profound effect on the body as a whole, improving the nervous, cardio, digestive and musculoskeletal systems.A typical chiropractic treatment includes adjustments of joints and soft tissue work. Up-to-date tissue techniques include Graston, Kinesio Taping and Fascial Manipulation. Treatment often includes exercises such as: Pilates, yoga, and Thera-bands, along with health and lifestyle counseling.



Acupuncture is a complete internal medical practice refined over thousands of years in China and is now practiced all over the world. An Acupuncturist uses thin, one time use, sterile needles to stimulate some of the, over 400, “Acupuncture Points” on the body. Stimulating these points provokes the body’s innate healing ability to return balance or homeostasis to many of the body’s systems.

Acupuncture is effective on a wide variety of health issues including but not
limited to: Infertility (men or women), menstrual disorders, acute or chronic pain,
autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches,
weight loss, insomnia, allergies, acid reflux, and addictions.

Massage Services




Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique using deep compressive strokes that glide over the body. It creates a structural change in soft tissue and provides deep relaxation while stimulating the lymphatic system.
This technique helps to elongate the spine in order to improve posture and movement
as well as create a state of well-being.
60 Minutes for $100, 90 Minutes for $145




Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai massage that has been modified to use with bars in the ceiling. Ashi-Thai is performed in comfortable clothing and incorporates stretching and muscle compression. It is very effective in treating structural injuries, either sports or work related. Clients find Ashi-Thai to be an effective treatment for increasing range of motion, decreasing pain and improving performance.

10 Minutes for $20, 20 Minutes for $40, 60 Minutes for $100
60 Minutes with Chiro for $70 plus co-pay


Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage is the perfect combination of the relaxing strokes of Swedish massage
and the deep friction of myofascial release. The therapist uses their hands to loosen, stretch
and ease aching muscles. Each session is custom made to meet one’s needs that day.
30 Minutes for $40, 60 Minutes for $80, 90 Minutes for $110
or buy package of three massages for $195 ($65 each)


Nutritional Services




Cleansing is a normal body process of illuminating or neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lung, lymph and skin. In our world today, the body systems and organs that were once capable of cleaning out unwanted substances are now completely overloaded, thus, many unwanted substances stay in our tissues. A cleansing program aims to remove the cause of disease before it makes us ill. It is a way to keep immune response high, elimination regular, and stress under control. A regular cleansing program 2 to 4
times a year makes a big difference not only for health, but for the quality of our lives.This 14 day cleanse comes with 28 single servings of protein powder, 28 capsule packets including amino acids and enzymes, a program guide detailed with sample menus and snack options, and a shaker bottle.


Nutritional Counseling


Nutritional Counseling is for people that need to change their current eating habits
for weight loss or specific health issues. This includes: diet plans, shopping assistance and recipes.
Initial Session $100 Follow-up Sessions $60 Shopping session $100
Package (initial, shopping and three follow-ups) $300

For Nutritional Services, please call the office at 732-291-5575



Page Wellness Center is committed to delivering high-quality,
nutritional supplements. Primarily using Designs for Health, their philosophy is science first. They are committed to research driven products, synergistic formulations, and meaningful qualities of therapeutic ingredients.We believe that supplements should not be taken as a substitute
for good quality food; rather, they should only be used to enhance the diet
by optimizing nutritional wellness and increasing metabolic efficiency. Supplements can also compensate for nutritional deficiencies resulting from the consumption of processed foods with lower nutritional value, or nutrient depleting lifestyle factors such as stress and chemical exposure.



Facials customized for you skins specific needs. The facial includes a deep cleanse,
exfoliation and therapeutic massage to the face, scalp and upper body.
We use only the best products, from the following brands:
Eminence, Dr Dennis Gross, and BeautyCounter.
40 Minutes for $65 60 Minutes for $85
Also available
Micro-crystal Facial – 60 Minutes for $90
Micro-current Facial – 60 Minutes for $90
(Lifting and Firming)
Hydrating age defying Facial – 60 Minutes for $95